For Tomorrow

พลังความสามัคคี เพื่ออนาคต


To build up the unity of holistic organization
and be able to lead the affiliates to become leader 
in their businesses and/or grow up sustainably


1. Build up the unity to organization
2. Build up the affiliates to become leader in their businessess
3. Define all affiliates to be innovative organization
4. Define all affiliates to be International company
5. Set up the management of corporate good governance
6. Give back to society in order to create a fair society


Khon Kaen Fishing Net Factory Co., Ltd. 

(Founded in 1977)

A manufacturer and distributor of nets and fishing, agriculture, and other related industries equipment with the ' SHIP ' brand. We have continuously been the core foundation of our business for more than 40 years. Along the way, we have expanded our line of business both domestically and internationally.

We have established a total of 6 key branches in Thailand, while setting up 3 overseas factories; MKK in Myanmar, BKT in Brazil and XFF, AKF (Affiliate of XFF) in China. Our sales offices are also in Vietnam and Myanmar.

K.R. Plastic Industries Co., Ltd.

(Founded in 1991)

A plastic tooth brush, cosmetic brush, and other high quality brush manufacturer with international standard and modern technology and machinery. KR have set up a joint ventures with a Taiwanese company, Rai Hsing Plastics Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

We are confident to provide our international quality goods to our customers globally through the effective delivery system. Our motto is ' SUPERB QUALITY, DELIVERY ON TIME '.

KK Energy Resources Co., Ltd.

(Founded in 1994)

KKE has been an expertise in design and management of renewable energy and solar panels. We are ready to provide full service option: both of installation and maintenance.

Auto Motion Works Co., Ltd.

(Founded in 2013)

AMW has been an expertise in manufacturing, design, and implementation of intralogistics and automated warehouse system. We provides end-to-end logistics system solution by using our own product and equipment; starting from planning to proposal, design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. 

Wherever your requirements are as the following; storage space optimization, material handling capability, reliability, and efficiency of warehouse systems or else, we offers innovative material handling technology and warehousing systems for specific-customer's requirement.

KIG Realty Co., Ltd.

(Founded in 2014)

KIG-R has been a real estate development; house, townhome, condominium, and townhouse. We focus on a residence development in roder to pay attention to new lifestyle and generation. To design functional residence that meet the target group's lifestlye and needs by combining modern architecture.

IBI Quantum Co., Ltd.

(Founded in 2022)

We focus on research and develop new technologies to create innovation to match with the times Create breakthrough innovations to change the fishing net industry. that focuses on innovation and endless technology.

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