No 6B Challenge.


01 May 2022

Activity "No 6B Challenge."  
Place : Khon Kaen Fishing Net Co., Ltd. KKF, BWC, KC and Affiliates Branches.
Activities will be held during the month : May 2022.

6 Behaviors to help each other "reduce and quit" to be completely removed from the organization or No 6Bs Golden Rule.
which consists of
1. ble: praising oneself, intimidating, insulting, insulting others.
2. Bee: pressure, Reiterate work orders.
3. Bai: indecisive, Pretending to be quiet, afraid to get into trouble.
4. Boa: Toss the job, to blame, that they should be responsible
5. Block: Block other people's opinions and always block their own opinions
6. Blame: Blame others and destroy the morale of others.

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